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Welcome to my weather webcam, it's mounted on the roof of our house in south-west Germany

Coordinates: 49° 20' 35" North, 8° 8' 18" East, 175 meters above sea level

Location: Neustadt an der Weinstraße (southwest Germany), a small city amidst Germany's largest winegrowing region in the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate. Beautiful landscape, picturesque villages! ==> Here are some impressions from Neustadt.

Webcam picture update: every 5 minutes 

You want to see live pictures? (update frequency about 10 seconds)

at the moment only available with password protection!

If your PC firewall allows it, you have direct access to the webcam pics too, update frequency is about 10 seconds: olchon.dyndns.org:82/. Try it, no plugin required, only activated Java Script in your browser! 

Special features: 

  1. Day review: webcam pictures of the last 24 hours; Java Script

  2. Day slideshow: webcam pictures of the last 24 hours; Java applet with nice transition effect and a tranquil soundscape in the background (Macromedia Flash)

  3. Seasons with the webcam

  4. Position of the sun during the year  - by chance I discovered a very intersting astronomical phenomenon called "Analemma"

  5. Birds an other objects in front of the weather webcam - with an internal motion detection system the webcam makes pictures of all objects which are flying by. 
    Snapshots 1
      2  3    large gallery

Day review  Daily slideshow - requires Java and Flash (for background sound)  Bird snapshots  2 3   LeeWave  
with the webcam  Position of the sun during the year  Gallery  Videos


Webcam made by Mobotix